Strategic Planning For Today’s Challenging Business Environment

Let’s Take the Family out of Family Business

If you have family members in your company, proceed with caution, for there are clear pitfalls. This program is geared towards family businesses and offers both clarity and a foundation that will make your company a healthy place for optimal growth. Participants gain insight to better manage both family and business systems. Participants will also learn work skills to disengage and separate the family and business systems for optimal growth.

Key issues discussed and reviewed:

  • Clarify how family fits or does not fit with business
  • Action steps for strengthening family and business relationships
  • Stories of successful family business companies

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify a collapsing and damaging family and business system
  • Disengage and separate the family and business systems
  • Plan the next steps for strengthening their families and businesses

Best fit audiences:

  • Small to mid-sized businesses and corporations
  • CEOs, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Startup companies

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