Strategic Planning For Today’s Challenging Business Environment

Front Line Heroes

It is possible to develop and grow powerful organizations in challenging times—it just takes courage, determination, and actionable techniques that work. In Front Line Heroes, Bruce Hodes offers executives and business leaders advice culled from 30 years of coaching privately held companies ranging from $5 million to $100 million in size. With humor, real-world examples, and step-by-step guides, the book explains:

  • How to make mission, values, and BHAGS relevant to daily organizational life
  • 7 essential rules for effective strategic planning
  • How to transform groups into high-performance teams
  • 4 organizational enigmas and the missing link that solves them
  • How to eliminate mediocrity from employee performance—for good

If you are ready to stop playing victim to the times, Front Line Heroes will arm you with the tools you need to achieve sustainable business growth.

“If Bruce Hodes was a physician, he’d have the skills of a neurosurgeon; the wisdom of an internist; the insight of a pathologist; and the bedside manner of a general practitioner. As such, he is the perfect healer for whatever ails your company.”
–Bob Clouston, Retired Corporate Executive (formerly President and Chief Customer Officer, Sargento Foods, Inc.)

“I can speak firsthand about the material in this book, because I’ve worked with Bruce since 2000. It works. Bruce works. Read it, follow it and enjoy the ride.”
 – Tom Crowley, Chief Executive Officer, MBX Systems

“Bruce Hodes knows his stuff. He’s been in the trenches as a business consultant for many years. His wisdom, experience, commitment to the success of his clients, and quirky sense of humor all come through in his book. It’s well worth reading and will help managers grow their companies.”
– Robin A. Sheerer, President, Career Enterprises Incorporated

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