A, B, C Quick Summary

A, B, C

Over the past few weeks,  I’ve outlined a methodology guaranteed to drive mediocrity out of your organization from the bottom up.  Below is a quick summary.

1. Whenever you engage with this process, it is very important that you hum Michael Jackson’s “ABC” song. That really is the secret to success.

2. Introduce the process to your organization by asking Managers to read the recommended articles: “ABCs” by Bruce Hodes or “A New Game Plan for C Players” by Beth Axelrod, Helen Hadfield-Jones, and Ed Michaels.

3. In a scheduled group session with your Managers, rank your employees as an A, B or C.

4. Deal with any C Players you may have. Remember the options: Put them in a new role, coach them, or ethically and honorably move on to better options.

5. Treat your B Players as a resource.

6. Identify the A Players on your team.  A Players need plans that develop and train them so they are indeed ready to be promoted; I advise incorporating A Players as full partners in developing those plans.

7. Follow up with the Leadership group in two months to ensure that issues are actually being addressed.

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