A Keyne Way to Coach Employees and Improve Performance

I have run my own business and coached employees for years but the whole notion of calling meetings between Employee and Manager “Progress Meetings” is something I learned from Wayne. Most of this material comes out of my collaboration and association with Wayne Nelsen and the Keyne Method. Wayne is the president of Keyne Insight, a firm dedicated to identifying and proving the concepts of execution management. He is also the creator of KeyneLink; a cutting edge execution management system that is used by many companies globally.

The distinction between progress meetings and all other meetings is simple and elegant and makes all the difference in changing the context of the meeting. The meeting is not an appraisal meeting where the manager is judging the accomplishments or lack thereof. A progress meeting is a formal opportunity to review, reflect, and give feedback on the progress that the employee is making on their goals. More on this in the next couple of blog posts.

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