A Very Keyne Way To Set Goals

Goals are where the rubber meets the road. Goals create high performance organizations. Goals create accountability. Goals have clear measurable results with a target date.

A side note; much of the philosophy of this article is taken from the Keyne Method which was created by recovering strategic planning consultants Wayne and Kelly Nelson. They are also the developers of KeyneLink; a cutting edge execution management system that is used by many companies globally.

The Keyne Method categorizes goals into four types: individual, departmental, developmental and team. In today’s post we will look at each of these in more detail.  Next week we will continue discussing the Keyne Method of goal setting.

Individual Productivity Goals
• Represent how each individual will be involved in meeting the corporate initiatives
• Are totally within your power; nobody else is involved
• Example:  An individual sales goal

Department/Management Goals
• The department’s or group’s contribution to a corporate initiative
• The manager’s productivity goals for the department
• Example:  Keeping the sales motif in mind: the sales department will attain 10 million in new sales revenue for 2019

Professional Development Goals
• Goals that advance an employee in his or her professional development
• May be related to leadership skills, technical skills, specific job-related skills, or the like.
• Examples: Graduating with an MBA by 2019, completing a course/seminar by 2019, attending a conference in 2019, etc.

Developmental goals are really positive; knowledgeable employees are more valuable to the company and better suited to drive the corporate initiatives forward. All of our clients mandate that every employee including the CEO have at least one developmental goal every year. My company also does this. Side note, developmental goals are not “I am going to be my best,” “I will have a positive attitude,” or “I will smile more.” Nor is this the section where you say “I will live the corporate values”.

Team Goals
• Goals that require more than one person to be accomplishment
• Can have members across departments, divisions, and/or levels of an organization.
• Consist of team sponsors, team leads and team members.

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