Progress Meetings have endless benefits. First, managers get to acknowledge what is working and what is not working given the employees Performance Agreement. The truth will set you free; it may cause upset but dealing with the situation whatever it is usually is the most powerful outcome.
Secondly if there are updates and changes that need to be made to the employees goals and accountabilities, it is easy to do right in the meeting especially utilizing the KeyneLink software. Business conditions are always changing; KeyneLink makes it easy to make changes in real time.
Finally, the meeting allows participants to understand each other’s perspectives. If the manager and employee have differing views, the Performance Meeting allows them to communicate and hopefully align. If not, then the manager and employee at least understand each other and are in communication. 
For a great Progress Meeting, one does need to be a bit proactive. The following are some tips to ensure a quality outcome:
  1. Treat the Progress Meeting seriously and believe it will make a difference.
  2. Remember that the meeting is about coaching and development and it is not an appraisal meeting.
  3. Treat the Progress Meeting as if you are an athlete meeting with their coach: the game is active and the outcome is uncertain. The conversation that you are having matters.
To ensure that everyone hates the Progress meetings do the following:
  1. Believe that the meeting is not going to make a difference and that you have better things to do with your time.
  2. Treat the Progress meeting like an appraisal meeting with the employee sitting there passively getting judged and appraised by the manager.
  3. Cancel the appointment over and over again.
Formal conversations between employees and managers that follow the Progress meeting format are essential to good coaching and development. This is the bottom line and end of story. When meetings do not occur you can forget about getting any value from coaching and development. Progress Meetings are the keys to the kingdom.
So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about progress Meetings and then some; now go set up a system where you can have Progress Meetings that are Keyne with your Employees. Progress on……..