Bruce’s Book Review- The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

I will admit, the first time I read this book, it did not take me.  Maybe it was because I skimmed it…. just saying or that it was about a hiring process and I thought that was sort of an easy aka cheap way to write a book.  I thought the model was too simple to be useful.


Then the unforeseen happened, Beloved client after beloved client read the book…. imagine that and raved about it.  I mean raved about this book unconditionally.  I had multiple clients say multiple times that it was the best book I had ever recommended.

This feedback gave me pause and I had one of those moments in my life where I looked myself in the mirror and knew that I needed to get a grip.  So, engaged in transformation I read the book.  No skimming allowed.  Then I did the assessments and found them to be useful.  The model is simplistic but useful and a good way to think about yourself and others.  It is another insightful view into the world of how you perform with others and how others perform.  The book answers the question of why do some employees fit in and make it and why others do not.

Another useful aspect of the book is the unabashed stand that the author takes on the value and necessity of being a team player in a high-performance workplace.  This book really takes on the notion of being proficient in being hungry, humble, and smart.  When Lencioni refers to being smart he does not mean intelligence.   He is referring to an ability to empower and enable people.

My clients and I also got value from the insights that the book gives on the hiring process.  While so simple, the recommendation of the book to observe the perspective hire as they interact with the receptionist or at Starbucks is brilliant.  I had certainly had not thought of it before.

So, I am now a convert…. halleluiah…. Read the book, use this book, have others and your staff read it and do the assessments.  Like other useful books, “The Ideal Team Player,” will start a conversation among the readers in your company that will give you insights and new actions.  Let us know what you think of this book and how you will be utilizing it.  Ideal Team Player game on!


Book Review by Bruce Hodes, President, and Founder of CMI Teamwork. Bruce Hodes is a business consultant & former psychotherapist he shows how to grow a powerful, profitable business & achieve sustainable growth.


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