Building a G.R.E.A.T. Company | What is R?

Components of Great Companies II

R: Revenue and Reflection

Revenues are central to any business. The reason great companies stand out is they generate a lot more revenue than their competition. Revenue can also mean (although not necessarily) that they generate profit. For many growing companies, profit can be elusive during the times when revenue must be put back into infrastructure and additional resources in order to grow. In great companies, revenue is understood by everyone, not just the top executives. All employees understand how revenue is generated and consumed. More importantly, each individual understands how he or she can increase and impact revenue.

Reflection is the planning piece. In great companies, long-term success is supported by some sort of disciplined business planning process that engages the leadership group. The leadership group regularly assesses where the company stands and what future they want to design. The leadership group also provides an organized and focused way for problem solving and lessening the pain of growth. Early on, great companies establish and implement a formal annual planning process from which to design their growth. In other words, Reflection can lead to Revenue and long term success.

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