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James Buik
President at Roscoe

Bruce has supported my company through thick and thin, first with team building and strategic planning — now with performance management. His provocative approach to causing change has served our team and customers well!




Kathryn Tremblay
Co-Founder Excel HR


I was first inspired by Bruce when he presented a 4-hour workshop on strategy and business planning to a group of staffing leaders.  His insights, authenticity and humor were compelling.  Our firm hired Bruce for a two-year engagement to help set in motion a business remodel. We had strayed too far from strategy and planning, and Bruce not only got us back on track, but also used his people skills to reinforce coaching, accountability, and execution.  Bruce stands by his word. He shows up ready to make things happen, and keeps that pace for every minute you spend together. What our management team found inspiring is that he was open to us, he helped us relate to each other in a way we had not.  Bruce also referred some of his network to our team members to help us learn from others in our sector.  This guy is a driver, a mentor, and a realist.  I’d recommend Bruce and his team at CMI without hesitation.”




Mary Steinke
Huebsch Services


We have been involved with training and team building sessions with CMI and Bruce Hodes for several years now.

Through Bruce’s unique teambuilding exercises and intense discussions on business topics we have learned what it takes to be a cohesive management team that is continuously focused on how to meet the strategic goals we have set together.

The business related and team building books that Bruce has recommended to us have been extremely valuable and the discussions have helped our team to look at issues from a different perspective and create solutions together.

When it comes to building great teams, setting realistic goals, and getting results CMI knows how to make it happen!



Sean Parnell
President, Innovaxis Marketing

The efforts of Bruce Hodes and the whole team at CMI have been instrumental in our growth, from both a revenue and overall development standpoint.

We have taken advantage of just about everything CMI has to offer: strategic business planning, business coaching, teambuilding, utilizing DISC profiles, and participation in CMI’s CEO group. I’ve known Bruce for over 17 years, and he is extremely effective at surfacing issues and effectively dealing with them. As a small business owner, Bruce and CMI have helped me stay accountable to my team, which helps me overcome my limitations. He’s also helped us work through some very challenging issues with prospects, clients and employees, and Bruce even encouraged me to start my business in the first place.

Simply put, we wouldn’t be as successful nor have as bright a future outlook if it weren’t for CMI. I recommend Bruce and the CMI team for any owner or executive who wants to grow revenues and develop their team by proactively addressing the issues and obstacles that stand in the way.

Steve Shrager, CEO
Budget Uniform Rental

“We have been working with Bruce Hodes and his team since 2012. We have completely redesigned our company’s structure, corporate culture, and internal and external feedback system. In a relatively short time, we have improved our performance in all departments and are better able to achieve our goals in a highly competitive industry.  Bruce’s methodology towards improving business strategy is not a “quick fix”, but is, rather, one that helps build a strong foundation upon which a company can build a brighter and clearer vision of the future.  Bruce has helped me gain insight as to how to build and maintain a high performance team.”

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